Video SDI SFPs specifically designed to transport SMPTE signals at 3Gbps (HD) and 12Gbps (UHD).

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SMPTE Video SFP All Video SFP devices supplied by Videobits have been tested and used in major broadcast manufacturer's equipment. Video SFPs are specifically designed to carry SMPTE SDI signals at SD (270Mbps), HD (1.5G & 3G), and UHD (12G) and are qualified with pathological signals. Most broadcast equipment uses a non-MSA footprint, which accommodates the need for dual transmitter and dual receiver formats. Some equipment does use the MSA footprint, especially with transceivers with 1xTx and 1xRx. Please check which footprint you need before ordering or contact us for advice. Video SFPs provide digital diagnostics via a 2 wire I2C interface in accordance with the SFF-8472 MSA standard. The internal EEPROM also contains data referring to the manufacturer and part number. Some equipment manufacturers use this information to "lock" their product to their own sourced SFPs, so again, please contact us if you unsure regarding compatibility.