GS12241 12G UHD-SDI Reclocking Adaptive Cable Equalizer

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The GS12241 is a low-power, multi-rate re-timing Cable Equalizer supporting rates up to 12G UHD-SDI. It is designed to equalize and restore signals received over 80m coaxial cable at 12G, compensate for DC content of SMPTE pathological signals, and re-time the incoming data. The device supports SMPTE ST 2082-1 (12G UHD-SDI), ST2081-1 (6G UHD-SDI), ST 424 (3G SDI), ST 292-1 (HD-SDI), and ST 259 (SD-SDI) signals and is optimized for performance at 11.88Gbps. In addition to standard SMPTE rates, the device also supports re-timing of DVB-ASI at 270Mbps, and MADI at 125Mbps. The two trace drivers have highly configurable pre-emphasis and swing controls to compensate for long trace and connector losses.

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