Audio Video Processing Products – Lenkeng

HDMI Products: HDMI switch, HDMI splitter, HDMI matrix; Composite/Component/S-video/VGA/SCART to HDMI Converter.

With skillful workers, advanced equipment and a completed production line in their factory, Lenkeng can assure prompt delivery of large order and competitive price. They not only supply high-quality products, but are capable of developing new products as per customer design.

Lenkeng’s Motto: Supply high-quality products with reasonable price.

Lenkeng’s Advantage:

  • The only Chinese supplier who is qualified to supply its video converter for China Metro Group,  Sony UK, China Net Com (CNC), Foxconn Shenzhen, TCL, etc.
  • Always insisted in using better chipsets, materials to ensure better quality and stable performance;
  • Tests products and accessories one by one even for bulk order to avoid defective parts.

Lenkeng’s Big Customers:

Sony UK, BENQ Dubai, Foxconn Shenzhen, Hong Kong Bus Group, Tsinghua TongFang, China Bank, China Metro Group, China Net Com (CNC), Shanda Interactive Entertainment Limited (Nasdaq GS: SNDA), Haier, TCL, Skyworth, etc.

For enquiries on products we do not currently stock, please get in touch with us via our contact page here.